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Support your knees during exercise

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Overview of the Sport Knee Sleeves by Iron Rebel

The Sport Knee Sleeves by Iron Rebel - designed to offer support to the knees during lifting exercises such as squats or deadlifts. These sleeves are made from durable 7mm neoprene and help prevent injury by offering stability, comfort, and an evenly distributed amount of pressure.

Sold in pairs.

Key benefits of the Sport Knee Sleeves by Iron Rebel

  • Supports the knees during lifting
  • Perfect level of compression
  • High-grade, 7mm neoprene sleeves
  • May improve performance

How to put on the Sport Knee Sleeves

Slip the sleeve on over your ankle. Grab the top of the sleeve and fold it in half so the logo is facing forward. Fold the bottom portion of the sleeve up so the bottom half is touching the top half, which is folded down. Grab and pull from the bottom of the sleeve and slide it up your leg until the sleeve (which is still folded in half) is more than covering the knee. Grab the top half of the sleeve that is folded over and pull it to the top that is covering the top portion of the knee and lower thigh. Unfold the bottom portion of the sleeve so that it flaps down to cover the top half of your calves.

Iron Rebel Sport Knee Sleeve Sizing Guide

Detailed Information:

Iron Rebel - Sport Knee Sleeves


Iron Rebel


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Size Range:




Care Instructions:

Hand wash in sink with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not place in washer or dryer.

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