Iron Rebel - HD Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves made with high level of stretch, made for bodybuilding, weightlifting and athletic training.

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Overview over HD Knee Sleeves by Iron Rebel

HD Knee Sleeves are made from a custom, elastic and polyester blend and are designed specifically for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting and athletic training, in mind.

Wether you're in between sets or workouts, these highly versatile sleeves are designed for easy application and removal. Rubber grip has been added to ensure your sleeves do not roll down mid set. They give warmth to your joints, added support and rebound out of the hole, helping you push more weight while our double-ply design adds compression to brace your joints for an enhanced range of motion.

Aside from being supportive, our design is meant to be functional, as well as inspiring. As you roll up these knee sleeves, we added the message "Earn your spot" on the inner lining of the sleeves, reminding you to create your legacy and strive for greatness through every set!

Key Benefits of HD Knee Sleeves by Iron Rebel

  • Easy application and removal
  • Rubber grip keeps them in place
  • Provides warmth to your joints
  • Added support and rebound out of the hole allowing you to push more weight

Sold as a pair

NOTE: These sleeves have a high level of stretch, giving you the choice to size down for a tighter fit. 


XS:          24 - 27.5

S:              27- 30.5               

M:             30 - 33.5           

L:              33 - 36.5          

XL:           36 - 39.5             

2XL:          39 - 42.5             

3XL:          42.5 - 45          

4XL:          45 - 49             

How to put on Knee Sleeves

Slip the sleeve on over your ankle. Grab the top of the sleeve and fold it in half, so EARN YOU SPOT is facing out. Fold the bottom portion of the sleeve up, so the bottom half is touching the top half, which is folded down. Grab and pull from the bottom of the sleeve and slide it up your leg until the sleeve (which is still folded in half) is more than covering the knee. Grab the top half of the sleeve that is folded over and pull it to the top that is covering the top portion of the knee and lower thigh. Unfold the bottom portion of the sleeve so that it flaps down to cover the top half of your calves.

Detailed Information:

Iron Rebel - HD Knee Sleeves


Iron Rebel


Hard Accessories


Tight Fit

Size Range:



Elastic and polyester blend

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash with mild soap and cold water. Air dry.

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